Saturday, July 23, 2011

Success and what not!

When one comes to think of it, what really is being successful?

Being in the last year of college, worries and fears are crawling up and making me realize that the real world awaits. A series of What ifs bar my mind whenever I think of the future. I guess the prodigy of 'Follow your dreams' is somehow overrated, though I am a keen believer I do not know if I can do the same.

Hell, how can I, when I still haven't concluded on the avid topic of What exactly is it that would make me happy!  I somewhat lack a dream right now. Although I have other dreams, related to the work I do, which is mostly AIESEC, to establish the fact that I am good at what I do. But what exactly is it that I wanna do?

Last night was a reminiscence into the past. Again. Though it is so painful that I hate going there. The direction in which my life is steering right now feels okay. I feel okay. Not happy, not too sad. Okay.

How much more could I take? I have no answer. Like my best friend said, how much more can life push me? And more importantly, till what limit will I fall and rise?

Its good to fight. Its good to stand alone. Its good to see people thinking, wow, she's strong like a rock. But somehow I wonder, being strong has lead the world around me to believe that nothing can shake me down. I am afraid that a breeze could shatter me right away. But.

Yes, the admission that I am going to need someone is pretty obvious and frequent these days.

Land me somewhere where I am happy, a prayer, as always. Enough.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weird things they are.
Take you back to the time where you belong,
Some cried, some laughed.
Some just were there to walk along,
Some moments that bring tears to your eyes,
Some moments that tickle you, like a feather,
Written words of smiles and friendships,
Or unspoken promises of tomorrow,
Now you  turn back and see.
It was never meant to be.
A mother's smile, a father's wit.
A sister's hug, a lover's split.
But most valuable of all above,
Pictures, bring back people you love.
Black and white, or splashes of red.
Remind you of the things unsaid.
Of people and feelings that die never,
A picture is a memory forever.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life, that bitch.

Life, that bitch.

The stolen smile that lives for a day
Secret woes, some hidden pain,
The numb feeling, a cruel itch
It never stops, Life, that bitch.
Eerie as darkest, sinister night,
Fake as the moon in the sky
Frail as the Caesar who was ditched
It never stops, Life, that bitch.
Happy colors, shiny names
Passing pleasures to play the game
One day beggar, next day rich
But it never stops, Life, that bitch.
Death is ugly, but death is true
Life is vague, life is blue
Baffles your mind, the bloody witch
It never stops, Life, that bitch.
Hide the scars, live insane
Time you lose, moments you gain
All the wounds get them stitched.
Because it never stops, Life, that bitch.