Monday, November 19, 2012

Heer - Jab Tak hai Jaan

Heer Heer na akho adiyo, Main te Sahibaa hoyi,
Ghodi leke aawe le jaawe, Ghodi leke aawe le jaawe,
Le jaaye Mirza koi, Le jaaye Mirza koi.

Ohde je hi main te oh mere warga,
Hansda ae sajra sawere varga,
Ankhaan band kar la te thande hanere varga!

Ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere varga.

Do not call me the misfortunate Heer. Call me Sahiba. Death is a mandate. But I want to die after I've been ridden away from this world of agony on a horseback by the love of my life. Mirza, though we'd die because I'm a foolish sister, but it would be with your love that I'd close my eyes. When I look at you, my own self reflects back. My kohl reflects your purple scent. Your smile is like a beautiful morning. Don't close you eyes, the world would be cold.

I'm like you, like me. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Love Lose Love

Love Lose Love

How do we love?
We share the only thing that actually belongs to us till we leave the damn material. We share the gift of souls. We seek a soul, we share our own.
I’ve loved. I’ve loved like crazy. And with each passing day, I’ve loved more. And then I’ve also lost. Which is more, don’t ask me.
I don’t have a balance.
But the worst is feeling a bit less of the magic each time we lose. After 22 years, I realise ive found the perfect guy. The one who says things out of my lips and opens doors. The one who holds me like a butterfly. The one who’s first is me, though my first is nowhere him.
He loves me, alright. And I want to share that level of passion and exuberation and excitement. But it’s all too real to me now. After 4 Princes, you cannot believe this one will treat your shoe right.