Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ruchika Pandya

I ain't so weak.
I ain't need to go back to someone who clearly lied.
For no reason stands tall enough to make a lie, a betrayal, reasonable.
I need you for life maybe, But I need you with honesty.
A man who falls in the trap of lies,
a man who knows your weaknesses right
a man who excels at taking the true resort to tricks,
can improve, can become truthful, if he wills to,
but is still sitting at the cusp of deceit at all times.
I ain't meant to deserve deceit.
He may or may not be true again,
but the benefit of the doubt belongs to the true heart.
It comes not with hidden motives.
Its man who makes mistakes.
Its a stronger man to own them up,
and these thoughts haven't ever been strangers to me.
Yet how can giving chances to a man,
whose entire foundation lies on mistakes be reasoned and expected?
A man whose every effort,
knowingly or unknowingly, goes for wrong,
cannot hold the torch for me.
I ain't that blind.
Sometimes, more than him,
I try to explain myself his mistakes.
Why? I ain't that foolish.
His mistakes may be not be culpable,
may be pardonable, may be forgive-able,
but it doesn't mean that I still need to put up with them.
I ain't meant to suffer all my life.
So to keep my heart clean, I ain't going to fill it with hatred for you.
I forgive you. I give freedom to your wings.
But I won't accompany you in the flight.
I ain't so weak,
that I can't find my way through the clouds.
I know how to fly, and I know my own way in the sky.
I ain't so weak.

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