Monday, February 13, 2012

When someone goes away

If you're sitting and still wondering,
"What went wrong?"
I'm with you, I wonder the same. 

If you're still thinking,
That you could've done more and taken the blame,
Lay back and relax, I feel the same.

If your heart is in pieces - millions too,
If the pain in your head is making you insane.
Forgive yourself, I am doing the same.

Are you figuring out and connecting the dots?
Thinking of songs, places and names?!
Take my hints, I'm learning the same.

Are you searching your mind for memories - 
To only find empty photo frames?
Make some new, I'm creating the same.

Are you still asking - 
If you were good enough for the game?
Trust me, you're the best, I'm trusting the same.

And if you ask me, the feeling is so old.
The moral of the story is long gone.
All that is left is you.

Love yourself, and move on.


Sitting back.
Pale Walls.
Rise and falls.
So much I've won.
So much more that I've not done.
Sitting back.
Fingers crossed.
What did I gain?
What was lost?
Will it ever have a rebirth?
Or was it too a leaf in the sky?
Falling down, dying in earth?
Did it mean, anything at all?
How long is the journey?
How long is it gonna be?
Change is a child playing.
Reality is an old saying.
Belief is dying, ideas deprive.
Hope is still alive.
Hope is still alive.

No moon to hold

A dream you watch and make it happen,
Takes everything you have and leaves you barren.
Memories, true, but for how long?
Tomorrow is singing, and it's a sad song.
Not what was expected, not what was told.
I wish I had some stars to look at, 
I wish I had a moon to hold.

So this is how it ends?
Couple of notes, couple of beers,
Couple of hopes, a lot of fears,
A journey of people on the same route,
You end up helpless in the end, barefoot.
I wish its more, I wish I feel it soon.

For now there are no stars, there is no moon.

Oh Dear!

Oh dear God! You’re so handsome,
I feel like taking you to a circus for some fun.
Your eyes are like my whole world at a place,
I feel like wrapping you up and sending you to space.
Your lips are like a sugar coated chocolate cake,
I think I’ll put you in a hot oven, allow you to bake.
You’re so incredible – you should be at the cover page of a vogue,
I feel like cutting you up and feeding you to my dog.
Your walk is so manly; you make the world want you,
I want to take you to a corner and beat you up with a shoe.
Your face is sunshine; you’re the best pick,
I think it makes me all feverish and sick.
You’re oh-so-unique; your kind is a few,
I wish I could kill you now, cuz the world’s better off without you.

Just this night

No reason.
None sought.
Faces in masks,
It’s a cry in the dark
Stay close to me
Just this night
It’s a festival here
Of dreams and assassinations
Dipped in your color
I want to pass this
I want to make this real
It has happened yet again
Listen to those words
They’ll tell you my story
If you hold my arm for threads of trust
And reveal all questions
I might just live
In your shadow tonight
Just this night.