Sunday, August 30, 2009


I pick up my phone and my fingers move

Like they feel and know what to do

They dial your number in a second

Like it has been a life long trend.

And then meets my ears your voice so rose

Miles away…but I feel you so close,

Then you give me a baby treat

Endow me with your love so sweet!

It so makes me wanna be with you…

Show you that my love is true.

Hold you in my arms and sway

Kiss your lips – night and day

Hug you tight whenever you’re around

Stare you in eyes, keep you love-bound.

Play with your cuffs and hold your finger

Keep you close and let your smell linger

Run my tips in your hair

Keep you like a you I care.

Be mine…you’re the prince of my dreams.

Cannot stay away any longer it seems!

Come to me and hold your babe.

Give my heart some peace it craves.

Rip open my soul and you’ll see

You and me – will always be we.

20t June 2009

11.40 AM

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