Thursday, July 19, 2012

It’s time again.

And this time it is not just about a question, or a life, or a heart-wrecking ballad that make your lips twist in a pitiful smile. This time it is about ‘I’. A glorified, cherished, celebrated and loved ‘I’.
I often tell people that when I write, there’s always a force behind it. It may be an emotion which is starting to take toll over me and hence I need to pull it off my back. Or it may be a significant incident of my life that has left me shaken. Over the time, i had brought myself to think that these are the only times when I could write.
Yes, it’s heartbreak. Over what, makes no significance whatsoever. The ‘why’ part of it, however, holds essential importance.
I do not write this one for any other soul who might encounter it, read through the boring parts, does not even understand it, but makes a judgement and moves on. 
I love myself and still do not give as much credit to myself as I should be. I like taking the blame. I love the drama life brings with her. At the same time, I love fretting about it. I am highly talented. I am capable of doing and managing things half of you wouldn’t even dream of doing all your life. And I can do all of that effortlessly. My capability, and here is my second admission, comes from the fact that I am a fine worker, giving fine results and I don’t even have to put any efforts. It does, of course, backfire at times. 
So, my point is, I work smart. I know stuff. I am creative. I am highly friendly. I like attention though I hide like a doe if the spot-light’s right on me. I love being possessive. My rule is – if I see it first, it is mine. It belongs to me. Also, my ideal day would be when I can see all parts of Harry potter back to back in a single day. Would be better if I got the time to read the books instead!
And because now I am tired, I am going to finish this quickly. I know people get jealous of me. I would be too if they had what I have. I have a smile. It comes to me the moment I call for it. It is the most powerful weapon in the world. I have smiled at the point-blank, darkest moments of my life and trust me, it’s a talent of few. I can go to limitless extents if it comes to saving that smile of mine.
So this is the nano-percent of me. One day, when I become what God commands, I will discover the whole of it. For now, I’ll be happy with just gloating about ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘myself’.