Monday, August 17, 2009

Breakup Part 2

Its strange...this feeling...
Are you as empty inside as me?
I pretend all the bliss...
All I want is to miss and to be missed.
Are you, too, sad and yearning inside?
Or are you all done with keeping my things aside?
Do you miss the laugter, the peace, the fights?
Do you weep yourself to sleep every night?
Does everything around reminds you of me?
Or are you alrerady trouble free?
I know every bit of this will go...
Your dead love will kill my love so...
All I really wanna ask...
How long will this pain last?
Does it hurt as much as it does to my heart?
Is it not worth a new start?
Tell me one thing I wanna know but can't see...
Sweety, are you over me?

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