Saturday, February 27, 2010


You have no idea what’s happening to me. You have no idea what you’ve made me go through. You have no idea what its doing to me. It’s almost like you…reaching the dead end. Calm in the out, tempest in the inside. I don’t know whether I have your courage to survive through this. You were my best friend, my philosopher, my guide, my life. Your face is like the moist covering my eyes. You, ma, will never leave my life. I see how neatly you’ve put all those shiny clothes you wanted me to have, I see how neatly you have kept those shawls. I see how carefully you have conserved your wedding dress. I see how finely you’ve kept our home. I see how you’re watching every step that him taking and removing any hurdles. But what about you, ma? I know how you loved rain. And how it rained the very next day. I love our home ma. I love my brother. I’m taking care of him, or more, he’s taking care of me. I know how you’d have wanted us to live together. But I’m naught without you ma. I miss you. I miss crying my heart out. I miss seeing you and Dad together. I miss watching your love. I miss the way you used to wait for me. I miss the way you cared, the way you fed, the way you clothed me. I miss your kisses. I miss your hugs. I miss your sweet voice. I miss your sweet teases. I miss you. The best mother in the whole world. You hold my heart forever.


Anonymous said...

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Ana. said...
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