Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Why do I feel this way?

The dreams of passion and of good times,

Why do they seem so intense?

The times in the past when I laughed my heart,

Why doesn’t it make any sense?

My belief and my longings,

My grief and my belongings,

It has started to feel so small,

Things that I thought could change my life,

Have rather no effect at all,

My people are there or not there

No more does it matter to me?

As long as I am breathing,

As long as I am free.

I could cry a thousands Niles

Or I could laugh a hundred rainbows

Or I could just keep quiet for my own sake

And watch the world.

For it makes sense, this humankind,

Follow the strong, trample the frail,

Rejoice the win, condemn the fail,

Walk away from sorrow and pain,

For it is nothing new that is happening to you,

The great is in rising up and shining again!

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