Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My angel.

When we used to watch TV,
When we used to snuggle up,
When we used to gossip,
And when we did makeup.
When we used to go for drives
And ate all the world’s junk,
When we used to shop,
When we used to raid your trunks!
When we went for the movies,
And you always cursed me –
“You always take me to worst ones!”
I used to just smile and be.
When you used to get all stylish
Ad jazzy for a party
Your darkest, matt lipstick,
Such beauty, so hearty!
When you used to cook!
People would bite their hands!
When you sang in that sugar tone,
And oh! The way you danced!!!
And If I can ever forget,
Those long chats on the phone,
I would have kept each of them,
If only I knew you’d be gone.
I miss you a lot!
A lot which cannot be said,
I miss your laughter, your winks,
The kisses, the hugs, your obsession with red!
I have loved no one more.
I never can, never will.
You’re always, always around me.
Each corner of my heart – you fill.
I’d give all, all I have!
To hold your delicate hand,
To kiss hard on your cheek,
To bring you back to the land!
But you’re up there high, aren’t you?
Gossiping with them angels, I guess?
When I want you out here with me,
To show me my light, to clear up the mess.
I love you, again I say,
I miss you baby, I miss you sweet love,
You’re being away, kills a part of me each day,
And when I’m asking this –
I’m being as genuine as I could be,
Tell that angel to send mine back to me!

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