Monday, February 13, 2012

When someone goes away

If you're sitting and still wondering,
"What went wrong?"
I'm with you, I wonder the same. 

If you're still thinking,
That you could've done more and taken the blame,
Lay back and relax, I feel the same.

If your heart is in pieces - millions too,
If the pain in your head is making you insane.
Forgive yourself, I am doing the same.

Are you figuring out and connecting the dots?
Thinking of songs, places and names?!
Take my hints, I'm learning the same.

Are you searching your mind for memories - 
To only find empty photo frames?
Make some new, I'm creating the same.

Are you still asking - 
If you were good enough for the game?
Trust me, you're the best, I'm trusting the same.

And if you ask me, the feeling is so old.
The moral of the story is long gone.
All that is left is you.

Love yourself, and move on.

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