Saturday, April 28, 2012


No, it doesn’t seem like yesterday at all,
Because every moment has counted since the day of your depart
No I’m no more scared to say that you’re dead,
And no, I’m still not on the verge of the overrated new start.

They ask me where were my tears and worry,
I tell them they dried in the winds of February
They ask me why I was so shameless
I said just ‘cuz it never feels painless.

For it’s been days and each day reminds me more
Of how much you were needed and wanted still.
My soul is matt dark with the deepest hole
An empty space no one can fill.

Still I’ve been trying and I’ve been trying so hard
To fit in the red, pink and blue in the vacant part.
It just won’t work anymore ma!
There’s always a fist clenching my heart.

It’s just that people say it goes with time and around.
What they don’t know is that the secret evil is here to stay.
It’s not the pain that is slowing down
It’s the memories that are fading away.

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