Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Birds lie

Rays sublime glowing through the rails.
Your spine glistening and burning gold.
Sugar boxes are plain mean;
The crystals hate me.
Kettles are annoyed.
Tremble leaves my fingers in cold, returns like a knight.
A strand of hair in your coffee. The eyes kill me an inch.
There they are; eyes of the tsar.
They hit my feet first, on the way up, to the rounds.
And in between, there is a puddle.
I have the earth as saviour of the sight.
Another tremor.
There’s a distant cry. A pink of love.
Sheets white, craving blood.
I move just so close. Knees warm with your burn,
Lips dry blue, covered yellow.
A breath, it’s like the spring’s whisper.
God-damn-it! There’s water everywhere.
The deadly foe, them open windows.
Your ears drizzled by the vicious song.
Of my paramour.
I weep alone, one knee blue. There’s fire;
One on the walls, another in my heart.
Words that never left my lips –
Them birds lie.
Perhaps I was finally at peace.
The one I loved, didn’t burn.

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