Saturday, August 2, 2008


It’s just an un-obvious reason that I’m writing again. Love - truly said the most beautiful thing created by the Almighty! I’ll just make an attempt to put in words what runs my life this period. I’m not in sanity; it’s a consequence of consequences. Like the first sight, the first pride, the first doping session! I’ve completely lost it, and you might call me a nutty person! I meet my luck who tells me that I’m blessed to be blossomed with love. The sky walks along with me and the air is all mine! All I need is one person. I’d never thought my life would ever be constricted to a single soul! But he has it all! My quench for him never dies. I never used to notice the seasons changing; now I do. And Ho may God, sleepless nights! My heart clenches for him. I’m scared of changes no more! Who the hell made love Goddamnit! My eves run away to the sky and my breaths seek solemnity! A moment to share with him- and I’d give the most precious thing I possess. And silence. Some more. Some more silence. I just love my heart being so light and things happening on their own. And a smile on my face. Most crucially, it makes you fearless! That’s the best part about it. It kills the haunted memories! It gives you the efficiency to say at your best – To Hell with the World! You’d experience bliss in tears, and calm in giggles. It’s just him all together, inside out! A new morning… and there He is – coming back to me again!

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