Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The drama…the mirth…the tiffs…I miss it all! School life is the most precious memory I’ll have all my life. Stresses come up now, when we thought college would be for smooching. And there is fucking no time for love now. You figure out reality once you’re face-to-face with it! Now they tell us what it takes, until now they were smiling evil on our innocence. I miss moments that cannot be put into words. They say college life is rocking. Well, they’re wrong. It sucks. Why? Because there is this veracity that if you don’t concentrate on the dismal studies, you’ll ruin your life, and most importantly, no one will care. With 4 lakh engineers per year, India won’t require you backlogged. To be true, I’m not hating the subjects as I used to, but no wonder I’ll never fall in love with them.

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Hitesh said...

Thats a bit difernt take on the college lyfe....

liked the small post... to the point... :)