Sunday, November 2, 2008

A curve.

A dream to bake…a choice to make
Which is your today…may be not tomorrow
Why cry darling, why cry?
When it’s not worth, your sorrow!
You now know what people say…
About weeping from within?
They’ll pierce your heart again and again
Even if you give your soul for nothing…
Smile and the world will envy,
Smile and they’ll go mad wondering
Why is she so happy…we’ve ruined her!?
Was she the player…did she win!?
I know how it feels with an empty heart.
It takes a lot of time, you know.
But then why show the globe you’re weak.
Beam at them-friend or foe,
And they’ll know you’ve got valor!
And He, darling, will never come back.
Tell it to yourself each time you breathe,
There’s nothing, nothing, nothing you lack,
It’s him who will get no rose on death.

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