Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Dear!

Oh dear God! You’re so handsome,
I feel like taking you to a circus for some fun.
Your eyes are like my whole world at a place,
I feel like wrapping you up and sending you to space.
Your lips are like a sugar coated chocolate cake,
I think I’ll put you in a hot oven, allow you to bake.
You’re so incredible – you should be at the cover page of a vogue,
I feel like cutting you up and feeding you to my dog.
Your walk is so manly; you make the world want you,
I want to take you to a corner and beat you up with a shoe.
Your face is sunshine; you’re the best pick,
I think it makes me all feverish and sick.
You’re oh-so-unique; your kind is a few,
I wish I could kill you now, cuz the world’s better off without you.

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