Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Borrowed love.

Tonight I see no light,
Tonight is the night of sheer despair.
You know I've been walking through this tunnel
Since a long time now, through thin, cold air.

I see no path my feet can take.
I see no hands to guide, I see no friend.
I see no love, no sight of lush.
Now that my struggle has come to an end.

I see only dark, sorry and pain.
Tonight I ask you to lend me your eye,
Tonight I ask you to hold my hand,
To take me in your arms, and ask me to cry.

Be my knight, salt away me from my doom,
Give me some love, show me some care,
Embrace me in your arms and say-
"Baby, life's not been fair."


Anonymous said...

A quatrain for the hurt hearts hankering in Hope...

Like a blissful vision is born;
in the desolate eyes of despair.
Such is the voice that mourn;
Your longing in my heart. o dear!

Anonymous said...

Forgot the regards,

Pardon me.

With the due regards,
Dead Poet.

Ana. said...

Ahan. Nice!

Anonymous said...

To my dying heart i said
how could you beat in pain
Bound in love, be dead
it spoke "no help to my refrain"

Dead POet