Saturday, March 20, 2010


It is just like the time after it rains. The feeling right after your thirst is quenched. You look into his eyes and you think the world is alright. Your soul seems to wake up when he calls your name. You tell yourself hundred thousand times that you have nothing but hatred for him, but its there, the tiny little feeling in your very own rebellious heart that tells you, you still care. That feeling makes you reach out to him setting apart all ego and grudges. And when he comes to you, you forget the world, you forget yourself. And then, its like you're beyond living a dream. You think you can take over life and face all the blizzards. You know such a person? Go grab him. You lost such a person?
Go grab him.

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Anonymous said...

A Quatrain To Ana,

wish you too know him
whose heart seek your heart
light evermore, however dim
wish the glow never depart

Dead Poet