Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pieces of my heart

It started with you.
Sleep and rise,
You were always with me.
Staring at me with those lovable eyes.
Leaving me tingled,
With feathered fires.
You entered my dreams.
You raided my desires.
The way you made me feel bold,
And held, and cared for.
Your fingers touching mine,
Always left me craving for more.
Then the day your lips touched mine-
They say you're taken to another world.
You owned me right there.
You captured my heart. Left me curled.
There was no way out.
I wanted your warm pool of love.
I wanted you more. More of them charms.
Wanted those hands on my waist forever.
Wanted that hold, those strong arms.
And then one day I found myself,
Walking along that snow laid path,
Cold and miser, alone and in pain,
On my heart were signs of your rose wrath.
My sun was born again with your sunshine face,
And you walked me with baby steps.
I was alive again with your trace,
I was madly in love with you, you see.
My world turns around, my tears find their way,
And my blisters turn green, my miseries laugh.
Every time you say you're my friend,
Don't you see love, I can never have you half.

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