Thursday, October 18, 2007

The fragrance of the beloved~*~

Yer essence lyz deep beneath
Luk in ma heart itz here!
Evn iv u say u wer neva myn
It’ll olways lie there!!

Ma hands tremble when I touch flowerz,
N I shake wit fear insight ov trust,
Uve made meeh weak n smothered meeh,
And u say “lets part…its must!”

Um neva gonna fuhget those flowerz,
Nor the drives,chats in the nites,
Nor the ring which spkz ov luv n mistrust,
Nor those tiffs those qute fyts@!

I love u n the world will kno!
I love u n tht um gona show!
I love u n will do until I finish!
I love u n I’ll neva let’u go!!

Open yer eyez n lisn to yer soul,
How can u fuhget the old for new??
Or else cum n kill meeh….stab ma heart
Cuz I cant…jus cant liv widout u!!!:(

But none can eva kill tis essence,
In evy corner ov ma heart its knit,
Evy breath ov myn speaks ov ur love,
And afta mee ma grave will speak ov it!!


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