Thursday, October 18, 2007

The first Loner....

I loved it wen u called hey gurl,
Mah heartbeat fastened and took a swirl,
I used to smile n blush n curl,
I knew I’d treasure u lyk a pearl.
And then those drive long and alone,
And those sweet chats on da phone’
And those flowers smelling so sweet,
And those feelings so pure, so neat!
But this is not done…n this is not fair,
How did u think tat I didn’t care?
I cared….I did n I did realize
And the happiness deep in mah heart still it lies…….
Wat was mah fault???
That mah feelingz were left unexpressed
The pleasure untold wen u caressed,
Did that mean that I didn’t love u?
Olwayz I thought that u olways knew…….
That u r the one I adore,
Nothing in this whole world will I love more
Than u who means life to meeh
U didn’t knoe and u let me free……..
But today I feel like echoing the unspoken,
I still love u but mah heart is broken,
I won’t die if u don’t come back
But livin would be dreadful cuz life will lack……
N tears wud be my dear friends
Jus giv me back mah life I lend
Or cum back n urself witness
Mah life is no more than a mess……..
Ill wait n wait n wait for long
For u to come back n move along
Hands in hands as we did
N leave no sorrow not a bit…….!!!!!!!

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