Thursday, October 18, 2007


u neva tuk nythn to meanings~
neva realised i told u muh feeling~
neva accepted the fact that i luved u~
neva trusted on de heartiest dealing~

u tuk it as a and then,
u said i felt lyk a stoopid kid,
u thought itz ol to be sumfin hillarious,
neva scratched the luv i hid!

u broke muh heart several tymz,
u didnt evn kno that i was crying~
ur seperation was sumffin i loathed to hell~
smile on de face~but muh heart was sighing~
but in de end i want u to kno~
the trust u gave me~i'll break it-neva!
i'd lie in the grave but wud neva lie~
i'd remain numb~and silent foreva!

so it has to be you!!
the first smile...the first hand~
ask yer heart...jus ask it once
n lemme kno...where do i stand:):):)!

1 comment:

Nitin Pawar said...

She is the besht :)

~tin tin