Thursday, October 18, 2007



U were there weneva I wanted,
U were there wen da day was dark,
U were there wen ppl taunted,
U were there to lite up with a spark!!

U were there for sharing ol da bad,
U were there to sweeten up ma day,
U were there to make mee feel glad,
U were there for mee to pray!!!

I’ll fight with God for mee u said…..
U said I’ll olways be beside,
Now wat do I do um reely afraid,
Cuz no one’s there for mee to guide……..

Um lonely unhappy waiting still!!
Will wait till da the last air I take,
Hopes are strong regrets are nil….
Come back….ma love…..for God’s sake!!!

Just hold ma hand lyk u did before,
And take out ol da bitterness from inside,
And wipe ma tears n make mee sure,
U’ll olways be the one—ma LUV, ma GRACE, and ma PRIDE!!!!!!

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Sanne said...

Thanks for writing this.